Next-generation digital credentials

Empower your learners. Give them recognition for their newfound skills.
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Made for sharing
Digital credentials are easily shared. Greater visibility for you and your learners’ achievements.
Tried and trusted
Whether your organisation is big or small, Incredible makes it easy to issue digital credentials which can be trusted and easily verified by others.
Certification simplified
However you work with your learners, and however you keep track of their achievements, our platform adapts to meet your needs.

Powered by Blockchain


Fully compatible with the Blockcerts digital certification standard – used by 100s of governments and learning institutions worldwide.


We take care of the details, so you don’t need a degree in cryptocurrency to use and benefit from our platform.


Blockchain provides an audit trail and “digital wallet” so your learners truly own their achievements – showing where and what they’ve learned, and sharing them however they wish.


Recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, our credentials are secured by the same technologies used for millions of dollars in transactions each day.

Brought to you by the social innovators at MadLab and DEMO

By working with Incredible you will be directly supporting our non-profits' mission of digital social justice for all.

For more than a decade, MadLab has delivered an award-winning programme of grassroots digital innovation –  transformative skills training in under-served and under-represented communities, mentoring programmes for social entrepreneurs and artists, open-access community spaces, and pop-up learning labs in the UK and beyond. Our programmes deliver real life-changing impact for those people and communities which need it the most, and we have the track record to back it up.

In Pakistan, DEMO reaches the most remote and under-served communities – delivering purpose-driven, impact-focussed capacity building, and addressing today's most urgent youth and gender development challenges.

Developed in a global partnership and built by MadLab's in-house digital team, Incredible is the first step towards a new type of collaborative credential which puts the individual in charge of their own learning journey: working in partnership with the people and organisations which can help them grow and achieve their long-term goals.

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